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The Quest for Lending’s Best: The Chamberlain Story

Chamberlain is a dedicated talent-sourcing agency specialising in real estate finance, commercial banking, and alternative lending. It was founded in 2015 with a clear mantra: exceptional service, honesty, and a refreshingly direct approach. 


Our journey begins with Chris Notley, an entrepreneur whose success in Tokyo, running a multi-million-pound recruitment business, underscored a distinct talent. His success was grounded in an open-minded perspective and a deep understanding of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This success sparked the idea of establishing a UK-based recruitment agency where he could use his skills to connect experts with businesses that shared a cultural fit.


Driven by Chris’ family legacy in property investment, Chamberlain found its natural home in the intricate world of real estate finance. The search for the right candidates for the right lenders demands specialised knowledge: going beyond generic banking skills and recognising the value of networks built within specific lending niches. We know the ins and outs of different types of real estate finance, whether commercial or residential, investment or development.


Chris Notley emphasises: “We understand how different institutions operate and their unique roles in the market. Our intimate knowledge gives us a significant advantage in recruiting for banks and lenders.”

Beyond the Surface in Lending TalentChamberlain: resourcing talent throughout the lending lifecycle


Our expertise goes beyond real estate finance, which represents half of our business. The remaining focus is dedicated to commercial banking and alternative lenders where, again, we are recognised as specialists in this field.


Chamberlain is not just another agency skimming the surface. We’ve carved our niche deep within the lending sector – collaborating closely with clients to identify top talent across all facets of the lending lifecycle.


Chamberlain’s Decade of Excellence


Chris’ journey, marked by entrepreneurial drive and dedication, reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional results. His work experiences, both abroad and in the UK, shaped Chamberlain’s core values and defined our standards and ways of working.


We are:


ENGAGING. Actively fostering open conversations beyond job placements, providing valuable insights for well-informed decisions.

DEPENDABLE. Consistently delivering on promises and finding workable solutions, even in challenging situations.

COOPERATIVE. Working closely in partnership to achieve shared goals.

SUSTAINABLE. Cultivating strong, long-term relationships for sustained success.


Chris’s awareness of industry challenges, particularly the pitfalls of over-promising by inexperienced recruiters, sets us apart as a mature and dependable partner. His track record is a testament to his ability to attract sought-after A-players, even the passive kind, thanks to his industry-whisperer knowledge.


As we approach our ten-year milestone, we invite you to join us on this journey of excellence in talent acquisition and client satisfaction.


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