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Never waste a good opportunity

With so much uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, it’s natural for companies to go into damage control mode and halt all hiring until the pandemic ends. But economic hardships can create windows of opportunity where exceptional talent is available for a limited period of time.

Thinking beyond survival

In times of crisis which can reshape companies, industries and economies (think of the 2008 global financial crisis), business leaders who look beyond survival to opportunities the crisis might create, will be in a stronger position to fully benefit from an economic recovery. Instead of ‘waiting it out’, take advantage of an employer’s market and begin staffing for the future.

Seize the opportunity

Hiring the right talent is the most important thing you’ll ever do. In these unprecedented times, executives working remotely have more time to look at opportunities and be open to offers as a result of changing circumstances.

“As we all know, a company’s most valuable asset is its people,” says Chris Notley, Managing Director at Chamberlain. “A downturn can provide that rare opportunity to find exceptional talent and avoid a bidding war.”

A focus on the future

Halting hiring does not prevent attrition – the best talent will always be in demand. Diving headfirst into proactive mode, driving continuous improvement and planning for the future will attract that top tier talent and be a distinct advantage in the years ahead.


With a UK wide network ranging from Senior Analysts to C-Level executives, Chamberlain specialise in attracting Banking and Finance talent for Sales, Product, Risk, Operations, Relationship Management and Compliance positions. We work in full partnership with your business to search for your most valuable permanent hires.

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