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Challenging the Norms of Quick-Win Practices 

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, the pressure to produce candidate shortlists within a matter of days is the norm. But it’s worth taking a step back and remembering that quick turnarounds don’t always deliver the best results. We know that rushing the recruitment process can compromise the quality of the outcome. While we understand the desire for a quick solution, the results will inevitably be candidates who are the most readily available rather than the most suitable. 

Beyond the Brief: Thoughtful Recruitment at Chamberlain 

 “Integrity in recruitment means sticking to the brief. Our focus is on achieving a precise match, not merely pushing candidates,” says Chris Notley, MD at Chamberlain. “Maintaining credibility is important and remains our top priority.”

Instead of settling for the first available candidates, Chamberlain prioritises a comprehensive search, including advertising, tapping into our extensive database, seeking referrals, and engaging in proactive headhunting. This multifaceted approach takes time but is essential in finding the most qualified, relevant candidates for the job.

Targeting Passive Talent 

We specialise in placing highly skilled bankers across the entire lending lifecycle, and we recognise that ideal candidates are frequently employed and not actively seeking new opportunities. Also, these individuals are in high demand if they enter the job market. So, we use our industry understanding, competitor insights, market trends, and salary expectations expertise to craft compelling propositions to entice these individuals.

Therefore, short timescales (inevitable when competing with multiple agencies) do not allow for this level of search and granularity. And despite the possibility of missing out on immediate placements, we have an unwavering commitment to thoroughness and will deliver what the client requires.

Realistic Timeframes, Exceptional Outcomes 

We maintain a realistic approach to timeframes, consistently placing quality above expedience. We understand that the practicalities of the recruitment process are pivotal to success, and rushing the process leads to compromising the calibre of candidates presented.

Our commitment to integrity and diligence drives our reputation as a trusted and reliable recruitment partner.


Our clients value our reputation for genuine honesty and transparency. They consider us well-connected experts in real estate finance, commercial banking, and alternative finance industries; a sentiment echoed in the feedback we receive. Our meticulous research process ensures we introduce only the most relevant candidates who align with our clients’ culture and values. This trust extends to exclusivity and placing their most valuable permanent hires.

Our Comprehensive Service Offering:

  • Dedicated Point of Contact: Each client is assigned a single primary contact, ensuring a deep understanding of their business and recruitment needs, leading to the perfect match.
  • Transparency and Honesty: We provide a transparent and honest view of market conditions and salary expectations, enabling us to source and secure top-tier candidates.
  • Brand Integrity: We uphold the integrity of your brand through consistent and high-quality messaging, strengthening your value proposition.
  • Deep Dive and Comprehensive Search: We tap into the passive talent market, employing a comprehensive search strategy to uncover those hard-to-find candidates.
  • Exceptional Candidate Experience: We provide candidates with quality briefings, regular updates, and detailed feedback, ensuring a positive and engaging experience.
  • Full Accountability: We take full responsibility for the assignment’s success from start to finish, ensuring that our clients’ recruitment needs are met with exceptional results.

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