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Chris’ entrepreneurial drive meant running his own business was always on the cards – after running and growing a business in Tokyo in his mid-20s, he knew he’d do the same when he returned to the UK. In 2015, Chamberlain was born.

While living and working in Tokyo in the late 90s to mid-2000s, Chris discovered a talent for recruiting. A local agency had been unable to source quality overseas candidates to fill short-term vacancies for his employer. Chris thought he could do better, so he set up a business to recruit these candidates from America, Europe, and Australasia. It thrived.

By the time Chris left Tokyo, he knew that recruiting was his future: he’d discovered a head for business and an eye for talent. That experience would prove instrumental when he eventually set up his own business in the UK.

Heading back to the UK

Chris spent the next ten years working for an agency placing specialists in commercial and transaction banking, building up his knowledge of the sector before taking that leap of faith.

But it was those early days of job hunting that made a lasting impression:

“I was amazed at the poor service – recruiters just didn’t get back to me. I remember getting a call on the way to an interview cancelling – no explanation. And the recruiter never did call me back. No wonder recruitment has a bad name!”

These experiences stuck with Chris, and that’s why he’s such a stickler for exceptional service and delivery.

Over-promising leads to under-delivering

“That’s part of the problem nowadays; eager, inexperienced recruiters promise the earth and then can’t deliver – it’s characteristic of the industry, and unfortunately, all recruiters get tarred with the same brush.”

More mature than the average recruiter in an industry that’s constantly evolving means that Chris has the insight to find those perfect candidates. Clients rely on his knowledge of the market, honesty, and a straightforward approach to get the best results. And with high emotional intelligence, he’s a successful negotiator and confidant – people like working with him.

Deliver on a promise

Chris puts his success down to sheer hard work, tenacity and never letting anyone down.

“My business success is directly linked to the business success of my clients, who are mainly growing banks and small lenders. So, I need to get it right every time because if I don’t place high-quality candidates with the exact cultural fit, it will significantly impact a growing business – it’s quite a responsibility.

“It takes a heck of a lot of time and dedication to achieve business success – I’m proud of my reputation, and I’ve built some great friendships along the way.”

Want to hear more?

If you’d like to talk to Chamberlain about your recruitment challenges, please get in touch.

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