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Credit Risk: count on an expert

If you’re looking for credit risk candidates to fill multi-level roles – Chamberlain is a specialist recruitment agency; with the knowledge, ability, expertise, network, and negotiating skills to attract and secure exceptional candidates.

We aim to provide a convenient and trusted one-stop solution for all credit risk resourcing needs: from executive to associate, individuals to teams.

A long history of credit risk

We fill crucial roles in credit risk – the most significant risk for growing banks and small lenders and our largest proportion of placements within the risk discipline. 

We know: 

  • where to look for the right candidates
  • what good looks like, and
  • how the competition is structured

The magic number for true expertise

There’s a theory that 10,000 hours (roughly five years) of deliberate practice will result in expert performance. So, 15 years of placing credit risk experts across many levels, with a wide variety of clients, puts us firmly in that ‘expert’ category. 

And you need an expert when attracting credit risk people, particularly in highly specialised and niche markets where talent is sparse and often limited to the big banks.

Twenty-six roles, seven client types

Our at-a-glance CREDIT RISK sheet categorises 26 typical roles we fill for seven client types.

For example, our placements range from:

  • Head of credit risk to credit risk director (executive level)
  • Credit underwriter to credit risk manager (mid-level)
  • Credit analyst to credit operations manager (associate level)

And our clients include:

  • Banks: established UK and UK overseas
  • Peer to peer lenders
  • New entrants/challengers
  • Fintech companies
  • Building societies
  • Specialist alternative lenders

What you can expect from Chamberlain

We cast our net far and wide to find the exact skills and cultural fit for growing banks and small lenders. It’s all about thoroughness and attracting those ‘A’ players. And even if we know candidates who’d fit the brief, we still advertise, headhunt, and ask our network for referrals to provide an exceptional and comprehensive shortlist. 

Our services include: 

  • One primary contact who will understand the business and recruitment needs to find the exact match.
  • A transparent and honest view of market conditions and salary expectations so we can source and secure quality candidates.
  • Maintaining the integrity of your brand through quality and consistent messaging strengthens any proposition.
  • Deep dive and comprehensive search, tapping into the passive talent market for those hard-to-find candidates.
  • Great candidate experience through quality briefings, regular updates, and detailed feedback.
  • Taking full responsibility for the assignment’s success from start to finish.

Finding the right credit risk professionals is a responsibility we take seriously: getting it wrong could significantly impact a growing business.

And Chamberlain thrives on the success of our clients.

Please get in touch:

Chris NotleyManaging Director

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