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Winning strategy: a superior candidate journey

Chamberlain - Candidate journeyHighly qualified candidates are always in demand and companies providing a superior candidate journey will always be the employer of choice. So, here are some pointers on how to put candidates at the centre of your recruitment process to gain a competitive edge.

1.  Be clear on the job purpose

Before advertising any opportunity, make sure there’s consensus on exact requirements and, importantly, sign off. If the job is open to internal applications, do this first before going out to market. Withdrawing a job partway through the process (filled internally or not signed off) can harm your brand reputation and potentially lead to negative online reviews.

2.  Provide a comprehensive brief

Be prepared to give the recruiter a very detailed brief – it makes a significant difference in attracting quality candidates. An experienced recruiter will know what people typically ask when approached about a role so that preparedness is key to piquing their interest.

3.  Don’t rush the process

If you want the very best fit, give the recruiter time to find the right candidates. Ideally, work exclusively with one agency as it allows for a deep dive and comprehensive search, rather than a race to get CVs in first. You want to promote a careful and measured approach particularly when attracting talent who may not be actively looking to move jobs – you’ll reap the rewards if you’re patient.

4.  Document the interview process

It’s helpful if the process is clear from the outset. With everyone on the same page, the process will be smooth and professional. It’s in everyone’s interest to follow a plan.

5.  Be consistent

This comes back to having a clear job purpose. If the brief given to the recruiter differs from the candidate’s interview, it can cause confusion and sow seeds of doubt. An example would be if sales targets were increased from the initial brief.

6.  Promote the role and company

Don’t forget that it’s a two-way process and if you want to secure top talent, particularly those who may not be actively looking to change jobs or are interviewing elsewhere, you need to sell the role and be prepared to talk in detail about the business. Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes – what would convince you to take the job?

7.  Always give feedback

Candidates rely on constructive and detailed feedback, whether they’ve been successful or not. It should be given quickly after every interview to allow candidates to move forward to the next stage or out of the process. All too often, candidates are left wondering what they did right – or wrong. If you want candidates to think positively about their experience with your company, please give feedback.

8.  Build relationships early on

It could be four months before start date whilst background checks are being done, contracts issued, notice worked. Pick up the phone and congratulate your new employee, check onboarding is going well and check in during the notice period. Get to know the person you’ll be working with, so they are prepped and ready to start.

Creating a positive candidate experience has to be a top priority in today’s digital world so have a clear recruitment process, communicate regularly and provide clarity and then you won’t go far wrong.


Chamberlain work exclusively with Banks and other financial institutions throughout the UK attracting talent from Senior Analysts to C-Level Executives focusing on Risk & Compliance, Sales and Relationship Management, Operations and Product Management positions. If you’re looking for a recruitment partner please contact to schedule an initial discussion.

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